Why You Need To Have a Blog On Your Business Website

Your website is a great way to promote your services and tell people what you do. You may have numerous pages that detail everything you offer, so why would you need to include any additional articles or information? Here are 12 reasons why including a blog on your business website is a good idea. 

Share Your Expertise

If you are selling a particular product or service, chances are you know a lot about your niche and are an expert in your field. So why not share your knowledge? This will not only be helpful for your readers, it also gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and experience. 

Increase Engagement and Time Spent On Site

The longer someone spends browsing your website the better. The more they read, the more likely they are to engage and get in touch. People don’t always make decisions instantly when viewing a website, sometimes they need more information before coming to a decision. Having interesting articles on your site increases the time that readers spend browsing your content. Including call to actions in your blog sidebar is a great way to encourage users to engage and click through to additional pages or fill out a contact form. The longer your viewers spend on your site, the lower the bounce rate which is often classed as a very positive factor for SEO.  

Increase Conversions

What do we mean by conversion? When a viewer engages with your website they are clicking through the pages, clicking call to action buttons, perhaps getting in contact with you. What we really want is to convert these viewers to customers. It’s one thing getting people viewing your site, but to grow your business, your website needs to convert viewers into paying customers or clients. Having useful and interesting articles on your website helps builds confidence and establish you as an expert in your area. This, along with other factors can help turn your viewers into customers. 

Build Trust

One of the most important things necessary to convert readers to customers is to build trust. Write about your niche area and share your knowledge and expertise to prove that you are skilled and that you understand your industry. Publishing high quality, useful content also helps to establish you as an authority in your field which helps increase both confidence and trust.

Share Your News and Stories

Why not give your readers an insight into your business and share your company news and stories. Let your readers know what you are up to and what interesting things your business is working on. There is a good chance they will be more likely to engage with you.

Increase Social Shares

Everybody knows the importance of social media marketing. Tapping into your audience via social media is a great way to drive more traffic to your site and increase the reach of your brand. Posting content to your social channels isn’t enough, you need people to share your content. Including social sharing buttons on all your articles encourages people to share it. The more people who share your articles, the more potential customers you will reach.

Promote Your Services

Along with the service pages on your website, you can also promote your services via your blog. Writing an article detailing a particular service you offer or writing an article promoting a particular product you sell can easily be shared across social media, reaching more people.

Drive More Traffic to Your Site

As well as getting more traffic from social shares, having more content on your website means that there are more pages for a search engine to index. Adding fresh content gives you more opportunity to include keywords, enabling more of your pages to potentially show in the search results, resulting in more clicks. 

Internal Linking

You may have heard about the importance of external links to your website, internal links are also important. Internal linking is the process of linking your pages to other pages on the same site. This helps direct readers to further information, it also helps a search engine crawl the pages and understand the structure of the site. Relevance is crucial when building internal links, always provide additional value to the reader and use accurate anchor text (anchor text is the text that is clicked on to take you to the link.) Having a blog provides lots more internal linking opportunities than your pages alone. 

Content Marketing

One of the best ways to increase your traffic is to promote your content. Techniques such as outreach and digital PR involve the promotion of content to get it seen by those who will be interested in it. Having a great article is far more effective for content marketing than a sales page. It is also much easier to acquire links to informative and engaging articles, therefore having a blog on your site provides a lot more link acquisition opportunities. Having a blog is a great asset to help improve ranking and increase traffic. 

Return Visitors

Adding new content to your site regularly is a good way to keep people interested and get return visits. If your site remains unchanged, there is no new info to engage your current audience. If you want people to return, provide fresh content to prevent your site becoming stagnant. 


A faceless business isn’t particularly engaging. It’s a well known fact that people buy from people and trust is built by being open and present within your business. Let your readers see you and give them an insight into the person / people behind the words on the screen. Blog articles are a great way to show personality and define your voice as a brand. You can even include videos to inject some personality into your content and let your audience get to know you, your team and the brains behind the business. 

Emma Schwartz
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