Being found online provides great potential for your business, more people viewing your website means more opportunity for sales and more chance for your business to ultimately make more money.

I provide link building services designed to drive more traffic to your website. I'm very transparent in the way I operate. I will make sure you know exactly what I'm doing and how I'm doing it. 


Link building is the process of getting other websites to link to the content on your website. My approach to link building is strictly 'white hat' and 100% outreach based. I believe this to be the best way to build links as I will build exactly the right kind of backlinks to your site from relevant and authoritative sources. This means that I will be specifically targeting the people who are interested in your products or services as well as improving your organic search ranking.

Inbound links to your site provide two things, referral traffic and organic traffic. Referral traffic relates to visitors that click on your site from outside a search engine (i.e. another website) and organic traffic comes from being found within the search engine results (not as a result of any paid ad.)

Put simply, I will build links which will send your target audience to your website. These links will also improve your ranking in the search results.



  • I'm a small company. Everything is done by me, you will only ever need to speak to me and I will be on hand to answer any questions you have. I'll keep you fully informed and regularly updated. 
  • No nonsense approach. I will always endeavour to explain everything I'm doing without any unnecessary jargon and without over complicating. I maintain a transparent approach so that you are always aware exactly what I'm doing and the reasons behind my strategies and processes. When building links, I record everything in a spreadsheet which you will have constant access to so you can see progress in real time.
  • Customer experience. I'm incredibly customer focused and my aim is to not just deliver results but to ensure I'm also on hand to answer any questions whether relating to your specific campaign or about seo in general. You can contact me any time for updates.
  • Quality. I offer a premium service and everything I do is high quality. If you choose to work with me, I will give my utmost to deliver the best possible results. I work ethically and methodically and I pride myself on doing things the best way rather than the quickest way.
  • I'm not your average SEO Specialist. Websites and search engines are an absolute passion of mine. I'm enthused by all things digital and I approach SEO from both a creative and technical view point. It is my passion that drives me to succeed and I put my all into every project.