I fuse spirituality, human design and mindset with practical and actionable marketing strategies to help you grow your business authentically, without overwhelm, confusion or doing anything that feels out of alignment.

We start with you. Who you are, what makes you tick, what you enjoy, what you hope to achieve, how you make decisions, what your purpose is and what is blocking you from moving forward. I’ll guide you to uncover your unique gifts and align your business with your mission, vision, values and goals. 

The we’ll look at what you are offering, the transformation you provide, who your target audience is and how to attract your ideal clients. We’ll look at content creation and inbound organic marketing strategies to bring your ideal clients to you so you don’t have to cold message, slide into DM’s or reach out to strangers.

I will guide you based on what will work for you. I don’t believe in cookie cutter strategies or a one way fits all approach. I will help you market your business authentically, in a way that works for you. Together, we will devise a marketing plan that is tailored to you and is focused on your business and your goals. 

Authentic Marketing By Design

My 1:1 container is designed to help you:

We will work together over a 4 week period. You will receive four 60 min zoom calls plus supporting documents and worksheets as well as messenger support (during office hours) for the duration of the 4 weeks. 

You will receive a full human design reading, mindset support and marketing guidance tailored specifically to you and your business.  

“The only thing you should ever doubt is your limits. You have the potential to achieve anything you want to achieve.”

Soul Purpose And Your Design

You will receive a detailed human design reading that will provide insight into your personality, your purpose, how you make decisions, your strengths and what steps you need to take to feel more aligned. You will also receive supporting documents and worksheets so that we can really dive deep into what makes you you.

Mindset and self confidence

We’ll uncover any blocks that may be limiting you so that you can move forward confidently. I am here to listen, to guide and to release any beliefs and thoughts that may be holding you back.

Marketing strategy

We’ll look at your business, what you are selling, your ideal client and your messaging as well as your mission, vision and values so that you can start creating content that resonates with and attracts your ideal clients.

Content and Aligned Action

We’ll put together a marketing plan and content strategy so that you can take aligned action to reach your goals without feeling confused, overwhelmed or stuck for content ideas.


The cost of this service is £997 to work with me one to one for a four week period. 

If you would like to continue beyond 4 weeks that’s no problem however there will be an additional charge. 

Human design is a tool I use to understand you (and to help you understand yourself) on a deeper level. We are all so different and I don’t believe in cookie cutter strategies or a one way fits all approach. I help you follow your purpose, align your business with your passions, and sell your products and services authentically in a way that works for you.

You will receive extensive one to one marketing support. By the end of the 4 weeks, you will have a step by step marketing plan and a content strategy for your business.

Yes absolutely. Self belief, self confidence and self worth is just as important as any marketing strategy you implement! You will receive mindset support as well as marketing support. 

Yes, as well as the zoom calls, you will receive PDF guides, worksheets and messenger support (during office hours) for the duration of the 4 weeks.

I don’t provide 24/7 support but you can contact me via Facebook messenger during office hours (9am – 5pm BST). 

Click the button below to book a free call and we can have a quick chat to make sure we are a good fit to work together.