I build links via outreach, I prospect for sites manually and I build links from real sites with real traffic. I do not use PBN's, I don't have a network of sites and the sites I acquire links from are not my own. All prospecting is done manually and every site will be viewed and checked to make sure it is relevant.

As with anything SEO related, I am not in control of Google and can take no responsibility should Google change their algorithms. Links have been a large part of SEO for a considerable amount of time. Links are currently considered one of the top ranking factors. SEO, however, is constantly evolving and changing so I take no responsibility should links become more or less of an important ranking factor in the future.

I am not responsible for your ranking. Ranking a website requires many different factors, building links is only one aspect of the SEO process. 

You will have full access to my project tracker which you are welcome to view at any time. All guest post opportunities will be shared with you for your approval. When writing author bios, please make sure you are happy with the content as it is unlikely these can be changed once they are published. As I am not in control of any of the sites I acquire links from, I cannot action any link removals should you no longer wish for a link to be in place.

As with anything SEO related there is some risk involved simply because no one knows what Google are going to do in the future. I will guarantee to build links to your site from real, relevant websites but I can't guarantee to have any knowledge of future updates or algorithm changes. 

I occasionally hire freelancers or VA's to carry out basic admin tasks. If I do hire or outsource any tasks, I guarantee that none of your data will be shared and I will personally oversee every task that is completed.



All articles on this website are written by me based on my own knowledge and experience. Please do not republish any content from this site without permission. If you would like to get in touch regarding any of my articles, please contact me.

Whilst I do write based on experience within an area that I know well, sometimes things evolve and facts change, particularly in the fast moving world of online marketing and seo. Therefore please do not assume all info within this site to be completely and comprehensively accurate. I do my best to provide correct and up to date information, however, this should be taken as advice and recommendations rather than a guarantee of achieving your desired results.

Throughout this website, I recommend and make reference to various, brands, companies and tools. I have no affiliation with any third party mentioned. Referrals to other sites are purely for recommendation or further reading purposes.

Any opinions expressed within my blog articles are purely my own. I accept no responsibility for any comments made.

I write all my articles myself, there are however many similar articles on the web as I write about popular and well documented topics.

Seo is in depth and the work involved should be ongoing. There are many factors involved therefore I cannot guarantee specific ranking positions or results. When building links to websites, this is the service I provide, I am not responsible for ranking your website as building links is only part of the process.