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I offer one to one support for soul led, spiritual and purpose driven entrepreneurs who want to implement aligned marketing strategies to grow their business. I also offer human design readings

Yes, I provide one to one coaching and support. I like to work with people on an individual basis as my services are very personalised and tailored to each individual person. 

Yes, this is my jam! I can help you market your business and attract clients in a way that feels aligned and authentic. I can help you  implement marketing strategies that work for you without confusion, overwhelm, cold messaging or reaching out to strangers. 

Human design is a tool I use to understand you (and to help you understand yourself) on a deeper level. We are all so different and I don’t believe in cookie cutter strategies or a one way fits all approach. I help you follow your purpose, align your business with your passions, mission and values as well as sell your products and services authentically in a way that works for you.

You can request a human design reading here.

Of course, just fill out the contact from above or email me by clicking on this link and we’ll schedule a free 20 min chat.