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I’m Emma Schwartz, a Freelance SEO Consultant and Link Building Specialist.

I specialise in building high quality, relevant links designed to drive targeted traffic to your website. There are so many companies offering SEO services that it's hard to know where to turn and determine exactly what you need. Over promising, bombarding with technical terms and over complicating are not my style. I work differently. I provide one service, and that's white hat, outreach based link building.

I aim to place links on sites that will find your content of interest. I simply aim to put your content in front of the people that will appreciate it. With in depth prospecting and effective outreach, I aim to find targeted and relevant link acquisition opportunities.

I approach outreach creatively. My approach isn't just systematic and repetitive. I don't send automated emails, I orchestrate my campaigns to engage the site owner and achieve the best possible results.

Everything I do is simple and adheres to search engine guidelines. I'm passionate about content promotion and driving traffic to websites in order to increase conversion and sales. The ultimate aim of what I do is to help increase your business and make you more money.

I approach the process of website optimisation from both a creative and technical point of view. I understand web pages at code level as well as from a design and user experience perspective which enables me to offer advice across all areas of website optimisation. Feel free to get in touch about anything SEO related 🙂

You can read more about my exact link building strategy here.

The blog section of my website offers hints, tips and advice regarding search engine optimisation, analytics, social media and content. I share my own thoughts and experience and give insight into how you can improve your own web ranking.